I am holding the position as CEO in an SME focusing on Automotive & Industrial Quality Service Support. Studying in parallel was quite a challenge but definitely worth the efforts. The study program allows for combining the course contents with concrete job requirements in a perfect way – in particular if you are searching for deeper knowledge on the topic of EU funded projects. My master thesis included a full EU proposal on energy-saving measures and CO2 binding strategies in suburban and rural areas. I recommend the entire program to everyone who is in EU projects.

Michael Mörth, CEO, MA KFZ-Qualitätskontrolle GmbH

Not only did the Master Program give a comprehensive course based insight on how the EU really works, which in my point of view should be mandatory lectures for every European citizen, but this program also gives me an invaluable advantage on how and where I can get funding for my RnD programs and projects for my company. It just opened up a new “world” for us as a company and for me personally as well.

Georg Gubo, Senior Director Technology, SPIELO International Austria GmbH

As one of the most innovative companies in Europe, AVL is involved in different research programs on national and European level. Before starting with the MSc EPM, I already gained first experience in the coordination of a major EU funded project. The EPM gave me the possibility to enhance my skills for the setup and management of research projects in different funding schemes, thus leading to new opportunities in my professional career.

Mag. (FH) Ingrid Kundner, MSc, Specialist EU Project Management, AVL List GmbH (Austria)

Having to do a lot of international travel in my job as a business development executive for Central-Eastern-Europe, I found CLU’s Blended-Learning MBA program at IBSA in Austria to be a perfect fit for my busy lifestyle and unpredictable schedule. The content of my coursework was immediately beneficial and relevant to my work. My professors were extremely knowledgeable in their fields, always accessible, and most helpful in working with me to achieve success in the program.

Mag. Georg Boulaxis, MBA, Head of CEE, Donau Chemie AG

CLU‘s MBA program has been the perfect complement to my already existing degree in Industrial Engineering. It added an economic component to my knowledge base and expanded my experience in collaborating with other international students. Both the courses offered, as well as the very professional and knowledgeable professors, made my time at CLU highly memorable. CLU‘s MBA has been a major enabler for me to get my current job as it made my career profile far more complete and thereby interesting, especially for large multinational organizations.

DI(FH) Andreas Krasser, MBA, Technical Sales Engineer, Texas Instruments

With more than 300 locations worldwide and constant growth through brown- and/or greenfields, Magna International is one of the leading global suppliers to the automotive industry. My position requires a substantial amount of travelling and the ability to work with employees from very diverse backgrounds. The IMBA program at CLU has equipped me with the necessary skills, competencies and crosscultural abilities to do so. Thinking out of the box, being proactive and highly reactive to new business challenges makes up my daily work day. Being part of a global community I work following the sun. At CLU the combination of professional and highly qualified faculty, paired with an interesting and challenging curriculum has prepared me well for my career at a multinational corporation.

Mag. (FH) Petra Melbinger, MBA, Manager Global Contracts, Magna International

In life we need to make the right choices to achieve success, but it all starts with good education. CLU’s MBA program at IBSA in Austria appeared to be the best choice for my career for several reasons: The mix of online- and weekend sessions perfectly enabled me to combine the MBA program with my intensive job. Highly experienced professors helped me to grow not only professionally but also personally – including a significant improvement in my Business-English conversation skills.


Dr. Walther Nauta, MBA, Chief Legal Advisor to the Mayor of the city of Graz

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning’ – Benjamin Franklin.
Having a technical education in mechanical and civil engineering, CLU´s MBA at IBSA in Austria offered a perfect complement in economic and management theory. The flexible program with its experienced professors delivered a fundamental economic knowledge and improved my managerial skills, competencies and cross-cultural abilities. The community and my fellow MBA colleagues, the exchange of ideas, know-how and my personal development made this program to an invaluable experience.


Bmst. DI Harald Stöffelbauer, MBA, Project Manager, DI Markus Weiner Ziviltechniker GmbH

You do not need an MBA for anything, but it is a sustainable learning experience and it is a valuable way to develop a set of skills. As a Project Management executive with Geodata Group working in an international environment, California Lutheran University´s MBA at IBSA in Austria provides interesting courses and the learning content that adds an asset to your skill set.  California Lutheran University´s MBA program is the perfect add-on to get ready for the next career step and to be able to manage the challenges of an international working environment.


Peter Berger, MBA, Head of Department Software and Systems Geodata Group (Austria), Board Member of MSG Solutions (UK)

After having worked for several years in a multinational company in Global Procurement and Supply Chain I thought it would be beneficial to go back to theory and study some foundational elements of business. I was aiming to enhance my knowledge in finance, international business and better comprehend the complexities of globally operating companies. My plan worked out even better than I expected. Theory applied was always linked to practical examples of daily business. There is no doubt that the MBA will bring me forward in my endeavor for more knowledge, personal achievements along with professional accomplishments. It was a great experience made of great people I met.


Renato Schönberg, MBA, Director Global Procurement and Supply Chain, Flextronics International