Mag. Silke Ressenig-Schaller, MBA, CEO Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG

After a careful selection process I came to the conclusion that the Master of Business Administration program offered by the Californian Lutheran University in cooperation with IBSA Graz is perfectly suited for my personal requirements, and for those of my international acting company. The program featured all I would expect, namely: international setting, tutors from the business world and a broad mix of courses covering all relevant business issues. Moreover, courses are taught in English and can be attended while working full time. I am very impressed by the combination of flexibility and excellence offered by the CLU, the diversity of tutors with their wealth of experience and the carefully composed curriculum. An international working environment requires a sound understanding of international management tasks and challenges for which the program is building a great base. I have dedicated a lot of time and efforts to learn from the best and I am very satisfied with the ‘return of investment’.

Ing. Johann Herunter, MBA, Entrepreneur, FRIGOPOL GROUP

For small and large corporations alike, current and future challenges can only be mastered with a strong educational background and the willingness to never stop learning. Cal Lutheran’s combination of weekend and online courses is the perfect combination which allowed me to pursue a management degree while having comprehensive business obligations. Professors use relevant cases, and the exchange with students from many different industries have helped me to broaden my horizon and find new solutions in managing my company. As someone who heads a medium-sized company, I chose this program particularly to help me explore new ideas, strategies and philosophies and acquire new skills to become a better leader. Cal Lutheran’s MBA program has helped me to do exactly that.

Maria Harvey, BA, MBA, Global Procurement, AVL List

My decision for CLU’s MBA program was primarily based on its international orientation, the English language and the distinctive practical relevance of American postgraduate studies. The know-how and comprehensive business experience of the lecturers as well as their ability to link theoretical contents with real-life cases is more than impressing and allows me to easily find linkages with my daily job. The participants of the course are composed of different educational backgrounds and various industries which enriches the discussions and case studies and enables me to extend my personal and professional horizon. Comprehensive teamwork and the combination of face2face weekends and online sessions allow me to complete this part time MBA program in parallel to a time-consuming job.

Ing. Christoph Stadler, BSc, MBA, Strategic Development, Alliance Shippers, Inc.

As of the very first course I realized how valuable this international MBA program was going to be for me. The excellent mix of both online and weekend classes allowed me not only to stay right on schedule with the program despite a full-time job and intensive travel plans but also fostered a perfect balance of strategy and practical application. State-of-the-art technology, face-to-face time with instructors and the opportunity to build significant international relationships, among many other features, make this program unique and remarkable.

Verena Klöbl, BA, MBA, Senior Online Key Account Manager, Lyoness Group AG

By offering a diverse curriculum and a very hands-on education through highly experienced and knowledgeable professors, CLU´s MBA at IBSA in Austria is an unparalleled and inspiring program. It has not only equipped me with the necessary skills to compete and succeed in a global workplace but has also helped me to further my personal and professional growth substantially. I particularly appreciated the mix of online and weekend sessions which has allowed me to master the program besides my comprehensive work schedule that requires me to travel a lot, along with the informal exchange of ideas and experiences with my fellow MBA colleagues, which has enabled me to acquire new points of view and has certainly further facilitated a mutual cross-cultural understanding. I can recommend the program for anyone seeking to complement their current business profile, advance their careers and expand their perspective!

Mag. Walter Planitzer, MBA, CEO Autohaus Staber

A major USP of this MBA program is that you study at an American university while being here in Austria for most of the time. Thus you experience all advantages of the American approach regarding education. Excellent international instructors with comprehensive practical experience respond individually to students and promote the widest possible growth of each. The whole program is conducted in English in a blended learning format which utilizes all advantages of e-learning. Being in California at the campus of CLU during the final study trip to complete the MBA is an absolute highlight.

Mag. Wilma Nutz, MBA, Market Analyst and Traffic Forecasting, Vienna Airport

After attending several aviation-related studies, I wanted to continue my further education through a program targeting the basic foundations of management. In this connection CLU´s MBA presented itself as a perfect match to my requirements, both in enjoying a high reputation as an academic institution as well as in offering an innovative learning environment, online and on site. The curriculum is designed to teach skills and promote thinking that one can benefit throughout the entire career path. Overall, I was able to grow professionally and personally by studying in a multi-national and multi-cultural group – mirroring the challenges of today’s business environment.

DI(FH) Thomas Funcke-Lehner, KEBA AG

“Als Führungskraft mit technischer Ausbildung in einem international tätigen Unternehmen ist dieses MBA Programm eine ideale Vorbereitung für den Schritt in Richtung Management. Die Kombination eines in Englisch geführten Studiums mit den sehr fortschrittlichen Arbeits- und Denkweisen einer amerikanischen Universität war für mich ausschlaggebend bei der Entscheidung für diese Ausbildung. Der Praxisbezug des Studiums wird durch systematische Vertiefung des erworbenen Wissens in Analysen und Fallbeispielen aus dem persönlichen Arbeitsumfeld hergestellt. Durch das ausgewogene Verhältnis von Präsenz- und Onlinemodulen und die Unterstützung des professionell agierenden Professorenteams ist die erfolgreiche Durchführung des berufsbegleitenden Programmes möglich. Persönlich bin ich überzeugt, dass ich mit dem Abschluss dieses internationalen Studiums für nächste Karriereschritte optimal vorbereitet bin.”

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Michael Sattler, MSc, MBA, Managing Director DESEO IT Services

Intensifying and expanding my knowledge and experience with an international business education was my primary intention and incentive for CLU’s MBA program at IBSA. Moreover the possibility and opportunity to learn from internationally experienced professors and students and to exchange strategies, business ideas or just life experience with them were my very concrete expectations for this program. Eventually the 16 months at IBSA and CLU have exceeded all my expectations and have provided me with essential skills and new perspectives for my daily business as an entrepreneur. Additionally the highly valuable business network to professors and students at CLU has resulted in a continuous benefit for my business and private life. This program is the perfect decision for everyone who wants to elevate his own business career to the next level.

Mag. Ursula Bittner, MBA, Manager Danube Soya, Vienna

Education is surly one of the most important investments people have to make. Studying International Development at the University of Vienna gave me a good understanding of trade, economic theories and business development around the world. However I strongly believe that an entrepreneurial mindset and applied business skills are critical and fundamental success factors for an international career in those days. CLU’s MBA program gave me the perfect tools for working in an international environment, in an organization which I was part of from its start up. The flexible schedule enabled me to pursue a degree from an American University and experience this great multi-cultural environment.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Patrick Gogeissl, MBA, Technical Assistant to General Manager, Magna Cosma International

I discovered Cal Lutheran’s MBA program as I wanted to prepare myself for the next step in my career. As someone with a technical background, the extremely relevant, high quality courses in that MBA program were perfect in helping me to transition into management. The combination of weekend compressed and online courses proved to be a perfect fit with my busy career, and the study trip to California simply has been an unforgettable experience that I will remember forever. I now feel fully prepared to take my career to the global level.

Anita Krenn, BA, MBA, Stv. Filialleiterin Steiermärkische Sparkasse

For me the MBA program at CLU in Austria provided much more than just an additional educational record in my CV. The program enabled me to further develop my professional and especially my personal skills. I really enjoyed the fact that people from different educational and professional background work together and learn from each other. Especially the professors are remarkable personalities from whom I learned much more than only the covered topics in the syllabus.

Mag. Reinhard Franz, MBA, Head of Product Management, willhaben internet service

After working more than ten years in different positions, I really aspired to refresh and deepen my business knowledge with a comprehensive and international program. Having the opportunity to study at an US university in a blended learning format in Austria really looked promising to me and totally met my expectations. Learning from professors with academic excellence and a track record in business, who really care about you as a student, is one of the real benefits of this program. Eventually not only the program itself, but in particular the mix of students with different backgrounds from different countries was very inspirational for me.

Christian Messner, MBA, Assistant to the CEO, R&S Software GmbH

The knowledge and experience of the instructors at CLU/IBSA and their ability to connect the theoretical content with real-life examples was definitely impressive and helped my fellow students and myself to find relevant connections to our daily businesses easily. The mixture of participants from different industries and cultures and their practical inputs as well as our interesting discussions supported gaining not only additional professional but also interpersonal skills. Apart from that, I found the structure of the program with the mixture of online- and weekend-sessions and the fact that a lot of teamwork was required in order to fulfill the targets very practical and useful. Last but not least I am convinced that completing the MBA-program at CLU/IBSA helped me to find a new professional challenge recently.

Erwin Smole, MSc, MBA, Associate Director PricewaterhouseCoopers Austria and Managing Director Smole Energy Consulting

With my technical background and after having been in various management positions over the past years I eventually decided to do an MBA. I have chosen the MBA program of CLU in co-operation with IBSA because of the perfect fit with the daily business. The mix of weekend courses, online sessions and time in California is very balanced and this program is maybe one of the few programs where business, family and further education can be easily handled, even if you are not from Graz.  I also enjoyed the high quality of the instructors and the fact that nearly all of them came from the US.


Mag. Alexandra Purkarthofer, MBA, Geschäftsführerin, Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH.

Who are the most sought after leaders and managers today? I strongly believe that they are the highly motivated, international educated self-starters. It appears to me that studying in, and graduating from MBA degree from a US university in just 15 months as a busy working professional is a good testimony of all these qualities. Cal Lutheran’s MBA program, delivered in partnership with IBSA was the perfect program, and I am convinced that this highly interesting and intensive program provides the best base for future career steps. Even while studying in the program, multiple opportunities for career changes opened up for me, and – ultimately – I seized one of them.


Dubravko Dobra, BA, MBA, Senior Coordinator at PBZ Card

After studying CLU’s MBA program via IBSA in Austria I am able to fully leverage the acquired knowledge and managerial skills in my professional and personal life. Although challenging, the program at IBSA was flexible by combining face-to-face sessions with virtual class room courses and therefor enabled me to complete the program in parallel to my comprehensive job obligations. Leadership and trust of the CLU faculty provide mutual respect and foster motivation to think, share and be creative.

Renato Schönberg, MBA, Director Global Procurement and Supply Chain, Flextronics International

After having worked for several years in a multinational company in Global Procurement and Supply Chain I thought it would be beneficial to go back to theory and study some foundational elements of business. I was aiming to enhance my knowledge in finance, international business and better comprehend the complexities of globally operating companies. My plan worked out even better than I expected. Theory applied was always linked to practical examples of daily business. There is no doubt that the MBA will bring me forward in my endeavor for more knowledge, personal achievements along with professional accomplishments. It was a great experience made of great people I met.


Peter Berger, MBA, Head of Department Software and Systems Geodata Group (Austria), Board Member of MSG Solutions (UK)

You do not need an MBA for anything, but it is a sustainable learning experience and it is a valuable way to develop a set of skills. As a Project Management executive with Geodata Group working in an international environment, California Lutheran University´s MBA at IBSA in Austria provides interesting courses and the learning content that adds an asset to your skill set.  California Lutheran University´s MBA program is the perfect add-on to get ready for the next career step and to be able to manage the challenges of an international working environment.


Bmst. DI Harald Stöffelbauer, MBA, Project Manager, DI Markus Weiner Ziviltechniker GmbH

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning’ – Benjamin Franklin.
Having a technical education in mechanical and civil engineering, CLU´s MBA at IBSA in Austria offered a perfect complement in economic and management theory. The flexible program with its experienced professors delivered a fundamental economic knowledge and improved my managerial skills, competencies and cross-cultural abilities. The community and my fellow MBA colleagues, the exchange of ideas, know-how and my personal development made this program to an invaluable experience.


Dr. Walther Nauta, MBA, Chief Legal Advisor to the Mayor of the city of Graz

In life we need to make the right choices to achieve success, but it all starts with good education. CLU’s MBA program at IBSA in Austria appeared to be the best choice for my career for several reasons: The mix of online- and weekend sessions perfectly enabled me to combine the MBA program with my intensive job. Highly experienced professors helped me to grow not only professionally but also personally – including a significant improvement in my Business-English conversation skills.


Mag. (FH) Petra Melbinger, MBA, Manager Global Contracts, Magna International

With more than 300 locations worldwide and constant growth through brown- and/or greenfields, Magna International is one of the leading global suppliers to the automotive industry. My position requires a substantial amount of travelling and the ability to work with employees from very diverse backgrounds. The IMBA program at CLU has equipped me with the necessary skills, competencies and crosscultural abilities to do so. Thinking out of the box, being proactive and highly reactive to new business challenges makes up my daily work day. Being part of a global community I work following the sun. At CLU the combination of professional and highly qualified faculty, paired with an interesting and challenging curriculum has prepared me well for my career at a multinational corporation.

DI(FH) Andreas Krasser, MBA, Technical Sales Engineer, Texas Instruments

CLU‘s MBA program has been the perfect complement to my already existing degree in Industrial Engineering. It added an economic component to my knowledge base and expanded my experience in collaborating with other international students. Both the courses offered, as well as the very professional and knowledgeable professors, made my time at CLU highly memorable. CLU‘s MBA has been a major enabler for me to get my current job as it made my career profile far more complete and thereby interesting, especially for large multinational organizations.

Mag. Georg Boulaxis, MBA, Head of CEE, Donau Chemie AG

Having to do a lot of international travel in my job as a business development executive for Central-Eastern-Europe, I found CLU’s Blended-Learning MBA program at IBSA in Austria to be a perfect fit for my busy lifestyle and unpredictable schedule. The content of my coursework was immediately beneficial and relevant to my work. My professors were extremely knowledgeable in their fields, always accessible, and most helpful in working with me to achieve success in the program.


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