The modular Master Program is divided into classic seminars, workshops, project work and e-Learning units. All methods and contents are adapted to your requirements and take into consideration your wishes and experience.

Master thesis

Great emphasis is placed on your master thesis which is supported and assisted by experienced EU project managers.

The master thesis comprises a complete project submission for one of the subsidy programs of the European Union and consists of all of the required parts including project design, consortium formation, finances and legal aspects, as well as project management. It should serve as an excellent example of your knowledge and be viewed as the starting point for your future work in this field. Furthermore, the subsidy proposal is an excellent opportunity to directly recoup your training costs. Approval by the EU can serve as immediate proof of your new skills and knowledge.

The academic degree MSc

(European Project and Public Management)

The MSc (European Project and Public Management) will be awarded to you after the successful completion of the training program, the final exam and a positive evaluation of your master thesis. Upon completion of the program you will be able to find excellent chances for employment in the following professional fields:

  • EU financing and subsidy specialist
  • Consultant for EU projects
  • Specialist for EU Project Management
  • Networking and lobbying
  • Specialist for EU project evaluation and controlling
  • Administrator or coordinator of EU projects


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